Wings of Wonder

Dear Diary,

I wonder if I will ever tire of photographing Chickadees in flight?  I doubt it.  They are so ethereal.  I do have to sit patiently for a long time until just the right moment happens.  When the light is just right, the background is conducive to highlighting the purity of the feathers, and the little fellow takes off in the right direction.  One can't be in a hurry when one is photographing things like this.  It is good patience practice.

It is snowing big fat flakes right now. The kind you can catch on your tongue; something I learned to do in first grade. They are really huge so I don't think it will last too long.  As the old saying goes, "Big snow, little snow; little snow, big snow."  When I was small my grandmother said of this kind of snowfall, "The angels are having pillow fights", such lovely imagery I always thought.  I like to think of angels as being a bit naughty at times and I think angel wings must look just like this too. 

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