Up early again this morning (after a bit of a restless night), and ran back to the hospital to drop off my heart monitor (literally ran, as my GP had told me to do what I could to induce the palpitations I'd had recently! Thankfully I was unsuccessful - didn't really fancy having that again.)  Also had an echo, then carried on to work for around 11am.

Busy day trying to get on top of stuff before going on leave for a few days - still a couple of things waiting for me when I get back, but I did manage to clear most of my emails, which is quite an achievement at the moment.  Had a very cold and slightly sleety walk to Coleman Street with Char at lunchtime, to try food from a new Japanese place there - very tasty.

Absolutely exhausted by this evening - took a tiny detour via the Museum of London for a photo on my way home, then very glad to get home and have a super chilled out evening with Tim :)

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