Mono Monday - Can't live with 'em...

This week's Mono Monday has the theme "can't live without..." and it may seem trite when it comes to wives, but this photo has so many references.

Ok, I admit, I probably wouldn't self-immolate if she wasn't about, but my life wouldn't be the same at all. I choose not to live without Janet. And as the wind rips through her hair, I simply could not live without the air we all breathe, nor the Sun that casts his shadows under the oak tree. And trees, and nature, again I choose a life with them. I couldn't live without.

So here she is, enjoying life as if she has a free get-out-of-school card, well into her second year of retirement, sat in a tree at Dyrham Park. The extra is what we went for, well, and the walk. So thanks to KangaZu for hosting MM160

Oh, and did I mention music? Music was my first love... #playthisatmywake #no,really.

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