Street Scene

Feel exhausted, but satisfied - long day in Évora (still our regional capital) getting photos printed and trying to decide what to get to mount them on for the exhibition. There's a proper photographer there, who really took care printing them - one result of blip is that my photos are random sizes, as I get used to cropping them however I like. He said they were good, and they do look good, printed A4 size more or less, but heck, expensive. So we just got card to mount them on, black, dark and light grey. It all felt overwhelming - choosing out of the hundreds and hundreds of photos, and editing, and having no idea where to buy stuff or even what to buy. Still a lot of work to do, but at least I feel I've made a start, and so grateful for the encouragement of the photographer, and of my husband.

Oh, and the blip is of the action looking down on our road this morning - a guy doing something with the drains, turning to look at a group of Roma women and babies going into the building across the road - no idea why - it's some sort of job centre, I think.

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