A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

Heading home.

I had to go to the dentist this morning so as it was fine I walked up to the next village. More of a pull than you remember so I was quite hot when I arrived as despite a little mist it was most spring like.

The treatment wasn't too bad and the good news was that the second tooth I had 'broken' was actually just a filling that came out. That was fixed today as well as the preparation for a replacement crown that broke on New Year's Day. It's still going to be pretty pricey but a l it less than it might have done!

Walking back was all down hill and very pleasing in the sun.

Here I have almost left the village of Wilsden behind. This is Cherry Tree Row, pretty much the last houses officially in Wilsden. Beyond the road descends over the bridge at the Malt Shovel over Harden Beck and into our village.
In the distance, beyond the row of houses you can see Mooredge, almost the last houses in our village where the road climbs over to Keighley. The trees to the right are the St Ives Estate and behind Mooredge are the fields and woods that lead to the moors. Both our regular walking areas.

Great to be walking home with no treatment to be worrying about, just the bill when I return for my crown at the beginning of next month.

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