Miss L was getting changed after swimming tonight when she suddenly jumped into her towel and said "ooh great a meditation mat" and proceeded to attempt a tree pose while Omming and giggling and falling over. 
Her core strength could use some work!!!
Then she dramatically crashed to the floor and carried on her routine in a sitting pose! (see extras)
It was absolutely hilarious! And I have no idea where it came from. 
Before swimming I had packed enough warm clothes, boots, hats, scarves and gloves to see us through a six month polar expedition. It hasn't been much above minus two today and I couldn't face a repeat of last week's whinge fest from the Little Misses at dog training.
The first thing Miss L said when I picked her up from school was that she didn't want to go to puppy training. And she cried when I told her she had to.
But she'd put the idea in my head about not going.......
I'd had French, rushed home, walked Archie in the woods at the speed of light in sub zero temperatures and arctic winds, gone to get Miss L and Miss E, dashed to swimming and the last thing I felt like doing was freezing to death in a barn while my children and my dog behaved badly and ignored me.
So we didn't go!!
It was nice getting out of the pool and being able to take our time rather than rushing.
Miss L even had time for her impromptu yoga session.
Much more relaxing!!

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