Busy busy

A bit of a lie in, then a busy day ahead. Firstly Jon took his motorbike in to Cromer for a service, and i drove behind then picked him up. We went home and picked up Mollie & Henry, then back to Cromer. Mollie went to work and we went to Morrisons. Glad I don't shop at that time of day every week. It was awful. We had coffee and noticed they had completely revamped their cafe, then pondered on how much had been done in such a short time. We think it must have been done over night. Anyway, it was much modernised. The tea, coffee and cakes were the same!

We just had time to drop of Henry and the shopping before driving to the tyre/brake place in Holt for my brakes to be checked. My car left we drove back to get the motorbike. Then at around 2pm we actually had a couple of hours at home! I have a leak in the summerhouse all along the left side of the roof. We think it must be because the tree overhangs it there. So I moved the table, dolls house and various other bits across, sweeping and de-spidering as I went. Until I met with the biggest spider I have ever seen. I screamed because I just couldn't help it. It just escaped. I forced Jon to rescue me. He is happy to catch them with his hands, (I usually have to bribe him) and this giant one was thrown in to the chicken pen. Dotty quickly caught it & ran away from the other two to quickly eat it. Yuk.

Went to collect car. It was a VERY expensive fix. New brake pads and discs. This type of thing always happens to me when I buy something nice, that isn't strictly needed, but is quite a lot of money. I am consumed with superstition which I can't shake off. I'm unlucky. So credit card out as I need the car to get to work. Now feeling guilty about the caravan purchase. Will have another think about ways to supplement my income over the weekend, and research the craft fairs I promised I would do (but haven't done yet!)

Watching tv tonight Someone in our house has a birthday tomorrow. Clue...it's the oldest one!

Must go and get Molls now. She's done a long day!

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