a lifetime burning

By Sheol


What a lovely day it has been - not at all like a day in the middle of February.  The sun even came out this afternoon and with temperatures in double digits I managed to get out for a ride on the motorbike. The low sunshine meant that some care was needed, but it was a delight to be able to give the bike a proper run.

On my way I passed this small church near Castle Combe, complete with wonky weather vane.  The low winter sun seemed to make the soft cotswold stone glow.  

If you are able to see this on a sufficiently large monitor, you may be able to pick out that the ridge tiles above the gable end are in some trouble - I suspect that the next good south westerly storm will cause some signifiant damage if the roof is left in its current state.

Its been a nice relaxing day otherwise.  Cathy and I have both managed to get some chores done (including the usual bread making in my case) and I have also managed to squeeze in  some guitar practice.   The latter is becoming increasingly important as I am playing guitar with a group of friends next weekend. Its something to really look forward to, but I do need to polish up those guitar playing chops between now and then.

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