On the Windowsill

Today was mostly spent studying cutting edge visual communications. 
As I looked at different apps and websites I realised what a total Luddite I am!
I was oohing and ahhing about different apps like a granny who's just discovered you can use a phone with no wires!!
All those photo apps. Who knew?!!!
Pizzas which order themselves; looking round museums without leaving your sofa; exploring the universe - now and in the future and the past.......
It was a very interesting day!!
And I may even be downloading an app or too. It's like it's the 21st Century and everything!!!
As well as whiling away hours in the computer I also got down on my hands and knees and cleaned the kitchen and dining room floor. You could have planted potatoes on it!!
It was lovely and clean and shiny for all of five minutes. Then normal service was resumed with Archie splodging all over it with his big fluffy muddy paws!!
Chilli for dinner. The tastiest chilli I have ever made. Just saying!

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