"Blobby Snow"

The title refers to HarlingDarling's very accurate description of the snow falling today!  The snow was wet (+2°C) and the wind blew it straight into our faces as we walked home - bracing weather!
There has been a lot of digging today as the snow slid of the various roofs and piled itself in front of doors, and across the driveway.  Soggy snow is very heavy so once again the decision to give up the gym card proved a good one as nature provided all the weight lifting a person could require. One of the benefits of this wet snow is that it has thoroughly stuck to the ice that has plagued us for the last couple of weeks. Finally we can walk around normally without spiked footwear.
This evening was film studio and we saw the Swedish film "Sophelikoptern", or "The Garbage Helicopter" in English. A slightly surrealistic, slow,  road movie travelling through Sweden with three young Swedish Roma as they deliver a clock to their grandmother. I thought it very beautiful and definitely a feel good film. See it if you get the chance! 

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