... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

YO! Sushi: Modern and Mesmeric

More fresh and fun in large.

Today was a Good Fish Day with fab company: swordfish steak at Côte in Windsor at lunchtime avec ma mere (reframing French plans), and a superb sushi supper at YO! Oxford this evening with my partner. I'm so lucky in so many ways.

Cote was lovely (I was amused by the other customers oscillating between looking bored and overstimulated), and YO! was such fun, and a special evening. I love sushi, and YO!'s offering is fun, even if rather Westernised. Fresh food ordered from the kitchen is sometimes delivered by hand, and sometimes delivered to your hand by a robotic train! I almost missed my maki (taking pics) as the robot rushed off to make another delivery. 
I photographed my favourites (inc. beef nigiritamago nigiri, and salmon nigiri) and some oddities (to my eyes), and had fun photographing a most expressive character when I arrived early (successfully saddening, definitely listening, totally not bored, awake...?).

My YO! sushi shots are right from here, and a slightly wider view of the whole day is right from here.

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