The Sound Of Syrinx

Wrens sing very loudly. They are able to do this as they have a syrinx, a resonant cavity that amplifies the notes, not a larynx like we do. I have read about this organ for the first time today. I immediately thought of a yacht of that name that used to be at the boatyard where I worked when doing my A levels. MrQ remembers it, he says it had a canoe stern and was built by the brothers who owned the yard. In Greek mythology Syrinx was a chaste nymph who rejected the god Pan's advances. She went down to the river and asked for help from the water nymphs. She was turned into a hollow water reed. Pan cut the reeds and made them into pipes. The word syringe is derived from this.

My garden gate wren is proclaiming his territory forcefully and has probably made up to six nests for his prospective wives to choose from.

Today's poem is Diaries by Joe Sheerin.

It's about the shock that parents get when they realise that their children have turned into adults. He says he didn't really read his son's diary. I hope not, I wouldn't dream of reading my children's or anyone else's stuff. Don't really get why in the poem JS was half hoping his son would drown in the transitionary flood.

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