Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Number 21

I had to go with the Song Sparrow today, the 21st yard bird to be 
blipped this year.  This is also the fifth sparrow species seen in my yard this year.  These chubby little sparrows are in the genus Melospiza, which also includes the Lincoln's and Swamp Sparrows.  Song sparrows are widespread across the continental US, Canada and southern Alaska.  Like a lot of sparrows, they are, at first glance, just a plain little brown bird...until you look a bit closer and see the fine gray and brown markings on the head and the prominent darker patch on the breast.  For me, one of the best ways to ID this species from a distance is to watch for the constant pumping of the tail as they forage for food. 

Hubs arrived home last night at 9:30, several hours earlier that either of us expected.  It gave us time to sit and and talk for a bit before we tucked into bed.  It was so good to wake up next to him this morning!

Rainy skies today but slightly warmer temps than the last few days.  There's a break in the rain this afternoon so hopefully, after I have a quick visit with MIL, Hubs and I can have a short walk.  We'll see if the weather cooperates.

Phoebe says thanks ever so much for the kind comments.  She'd also like to know if you could please send food.  (We've had her on a diet and she's perpetually hungry).  


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