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By dbifulco

#17 with Tiny Tuesday Results

Having lots of free time on my hands today, in between shoveling and clearing feeders, I decided to look at all the fabulous TinyTuesday images.  As usual, it was a tough decision and I eventually had to enlist the aid of Yard Bird #17, the Common Grackle, to help me decide.  In no particular order, Grackle Hearts go to:

Inverculain for a creative and pure macro shot
Steveng for a well executed focus-stack of a brake
dbf24  for her tiny firemen who raced to save the day cupcake
DelenaJane for her beautiful multi-bubble macro
Osuzanna for a perfectly executed macro of milkweed fluffs

The Grackle also wanted to be sure to give a shout-out to the following Honorable Mentions:
 Jensphotos for bringing us the Adventures of the Tinies from Downunder
Tommie2 for a really beautifully composed tiny flower
Rainie for her delicate and (dare I say) dainty fungi
greg_lovett for a fascinating look at...well, you'll just have to look, won't you?
mmp26 for a really lovely and perfectly composed tiny blue flower

Here at Storm Central, the storm got off to a slow start but picked up momentum by mid-morning with snow falling at a rate of about 2 inches per hour.  Fortunately, the snow is a bit less wet than last week's blast and there also isn't yet any wind to speak of.  So, fingers crossed, we still have power.  The winds are supposed to pick, up later, so we'll see.  Meteorologists are still saying 12-18 inches for our area which means a few more days of snowy photos.

Today's photo is also for my Mom, who loves Grackles.  Not my finest photo, buty they are skittish birds so I had to take this through the window.  

The theme for next week's TinyTuesday will be "close up" meaning that you should get as close as possible to your subject to show us the details.  Flowers and insects are great "close up" subjects, but don't overlook things like jewelery, eyes, fabric, and so on.  Let's have some fun with this, shall we?

signing off from Storm Central...


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