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By Sheol


Tiny Tuesday: Replication

As I looked out of the kitchen window this morning I saw robins, blackbirds and goldfinches all indulging in their courting displays, enjoying the mild weather.  It was just like that scene from Disney's Bambi where all the animals become "twitapated" as Thumper puts it.

Before the recent weather upset caused by the "Beast from the East" meeting Storm Emma, the frogs had been busy doing what comes naturally at this time of year as well.  Unfortunately the sub-zero temperatures that we endured for a few days in a row probably didn't do much for the viability of the frog spawn.  

We were therefore delighted this morning therefore to find that there is more spawn in the pond and I raced out this evening to take this macro shot for the Tiny Tuesday challenge which is being hosted by dbifulco this month.  I had to use some flash to light up the frogspawn, which has produced some harsh reflected lights that I'm not terribly happy about, but as this was taken quite late in the day that wasn't really avoidable.

The main part of the day involved a trip across the Mendips to try to find a "Groom's Mother's Dress", which is apparently "a thing".  Cathy has been looking for one for several months now without any luck for our son's wedding in June. 

We initially took the short cut from our village to the relevant main road, which travels southwards up a hill (i.e. it is the northern slope of the hill).  This is relevant because half way up the lane we came across snow.  I have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, so I wasn't too put out by this and we carried on for a bit longer, as there were other tyre tracks showing that we were not blazing a new trail.  The snow got deeper and the tracks stopped.  It was clear that if I kept going forward there was a very real prospect of my getting the car stuck, so discretion being the better part of valour we carefully reversed back the way that we had come and selected a route across the Mendips that significantly reduced the prospect of similar problems. 

The dress?  Oh, yes that part of the trip was very successful and Cathy is a very happy bunny now :-)

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