An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A Sight for very sore eyes...

My bedroom....or our bedroom I should say....but I am commandeering it till my cold is completely gone.  It may linger a week or two ;-))

Having been stuck downstairs sleeping on a couch for just shy of nine months, this has been a moment I have dreamt of.   My new lift is amazing! I have been up and downstairs umpteen times today, without even having to think about it!  

I am in the middle of a massive clear out.  I decided that since all the items I really needed whilst using Alan's sitting room as my makeshift bedroom fitted into one small box, all the stuff that was left upstairs was superfluous, so I am being ruthless.

It's been great knowing I can work away upstairs, pop down for a coffee then head back up and carry on.  Even when I could get up the stairs under my own steam, I generally only went up at bedtime as it wasn't worth the pain to attempt to more often.

So, there's one huge bin bag ready to come downstairs and another ready to be filled.  Tackling bedside drawers and chest of drawers tomorrow.  Wardrobe the next day.  

Spring clean 2017 is well under way :-))

Alan had a dental check up this afternoon with the new dental team (as arranged by the hospital.)  David and Ashleigh took him.  First report is that they are pleased with his oral health and things look fine with his teeth.   He has an appointment to see the hygienist in May and they will organise a full dental check up under anaesthetic.  We all agreed that could wait a few months to give him time to get back to full strength.

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