Shades of tulip

I learned something new this week, thanks to Emma Davies and her flower arrangement experiment. Apparently tulips continue to grow in length while cut off and in a vase, so you can cut them off a little more when putting them in a vase. This one on the image is indeed higher than when I got the bouquet on Thursday, I can see that from its position in relation to the branch behind it. It's also very interesting to see the development of its colours. When I got the bouquet the tulip was still completely green with a hint of orange on top (see here), yesterday it became clear it would turn out orange and red and today there is a whole range of colours visible.
This close-up with a focus on the details of the petals, not just the colours but also the lines in the petals is for Tiny Tuesday, with thanks to Freyjad for hosting his month.

Thank you very much for the lovely comments and stars for yesterday's lily mono

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