I had an unplanned day off today, as I have lots of flexi time to use up.  I had no real plans for how to spend the day, so first job was the school run.  While BB was delighted to be able to stay in bed a bit longer, and to not have to go to breakfast club, he had a huge panic just as we were getting ready to go as he hadn’t done his reading homework and had been planning to do it at breakfast club.  He walked down the road with his nose in his book (Kidnapped). 

I decided to head into Edinburgh to go for a walk and to go and see the Joan Eardley exhibition. It was grey and cold, but  I walked out along the canal (with a slight detour near the beginning as the path was closed) to the Slateford aqueduct, where I descended the steps and joined the Water of Leith Walkway.  I walked back in the direction of Murrayfield, but  once again had to take a detour near Murrayfield due to ongoing flood prevention works.  I eventually made it to the Dean Gallery and really enjoyed the exhibition.

When I emerged from the Gallery the weather had deteriorated.  I decided to just head back to the station and get a train home.  By the time I got home I was freezing and couldn’t get warmed up. I had a very late lunch while watching events unfold in London.

I picked a weary BB up from badminton.  He went to a friend’s house after school and they went to badminton together and got soaked.  Even though they had had an hour of badminton, I don’t think BB had warmed up.  He went straight in a hot bath when we got home.

This is a boathouse along the Union Canal.  I wonder who Mike is?

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