A glorious day.  I decided to go out for a walk as the boys were heading off to football.  I went along a path I have been meaning to explore for ages.  The last time I ventured that way it was so muddy it was impassable by foot.  A few loads of hard core have since been thrown down, which has helped hugely.

Once home, it was time to hang the first of the washing out.  I then tidied up a few garden pots and discovered what can only be described as a nest of slugs.  I left them for TT to deal with! I then decided I needed to find a pair of sandals and expose my whiter than white feet, that have been hidden under thermal socks for the past six months, to some fresh air.

TT went straight out to dig that garden when he got back from football.  BB went straight in the shower to get rid of the mud.  His team didn’t win today, but it was close at 6:5.

In the afternoon we wandered into town to collect TT’s prescription and as it was such a nice day, we kept walking and headed out along the river, and then back home via the supermarket.

The clocks go forward tonight, which means an hour’s less sleep.  A real treat for Mothers’ Day!

I heard this woodpecker this morning when I was near Mrs Burns well. I stood still for a  while as I felt he was very near.  I eventually spied him, very high up in the tree.


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