An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Splash Happy...


David was up early as he wanted to clear out the study so the electrician can get in there next week to fit speakers to the ceiling.  I had a more leisurely start to the day, pottering about upstairs, and didn't make it downstairs till almost 2pm.

Couldn't believe how gorgeous the weather was!  We sat in the garden room with the bi-fold doors wide open.  The sun was warm and the slight breeze most welcome.  Hopefully that was a little glimpse of how summer might be.  Of course the garden outside the extension is a disaster, so we need to get that sorted.  Well, I say we....  :-)))

Eleanor, Kenny, Andrew and Nikki arrived at 4pm and we had coffee and cake then it was pool time for Alan.  This was the first time he'd been in the pool with Andrew and Nikki since our ill-fated holiday to France in 2015, so he was very excited.  

I love watching Alan in the pool.  It really makes my heart swell.  There's not many things he can access that gives him such freedom, equity and joy.  I will never tire of seeing him in there :-))

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