Violet Prickly Pear

Today we crossed the Apache Reservation, driving through some really high, beautiful mountains. Stopped to see some rapids in Salt River Canyon, then drove to Globe, Az. to see "Besh Ba Gowah" archaeological Park and Museum.  Besh Ba Gowah is one of the largest, most complete settlements of the Salado Indians; the Salado cultural period is estimated as having been from 1150 to 1450. Not only could we walk inside one of the pueblo's, (houses), we could see parts of the masonry walls that outlined all the different buildings they used for homes, storage, and ceremonies. The area has been beautifully landscaped with lots of different cacti and flowers, which is where I saw this really pretty Violet Prickly Pear Cactus!  I'm really liking all the different cactus plants--so many different varieties here!   :))

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