It seems to be very much a portrait week for me this week so although I was looking for something for Abstract Thursday, these two three won the day today.

We were due to meet up with our friends, Paul and Lorraine, for coffee this morning (did I mention how hard it is being retired?) so I decided I would like to take a photograph of Paul and Mr. HCB.  Just as I was about to take the photograph, Steve, one of the workmen at Jack’s café and the one wearing a hat, decided that he would do a “photo bomb”!

So here they all are - with apologies for the brightness of the shot, but they were in full sunshine on our favourite table in the café.

Paul and Mr. HCB go back a long time - to Youth Club days, in fact.  I knew Paul when he was an Estate Agent and I worked for a Solicitor, so we have lots of friends and acquaintances in common.  Lorraine does wonderful craft work - and raises lots of money for Angel's Orphanage in Nepal - so we all had plenty to chat about, which we did for about two hours.  Lorraine said she would rather be crafting - and I said I would rather be taking photographs than doing housework - but we both agreed that a Housework Fairy would be very useful at times!

Now we are back home and as the sun is still shining, Mr. HCB is out in the garden working and I may even go out and hoe one of the beds this afternoon.  Of course, before too much longer, my position will slip down to Number 3 because the cricket season starts soon, but until that time, it was good to be out with Mr. HCB and our friends today.

“Don't underestimate 
     the power of friendship. 
Those bonds are tight stitches 
     that close up the holes 
          you might otherwise fall through.” 
Richelle E. Goodrich

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