By The River

BB didn’t have to do any cello practice this morning, but he chose to do some!  We ended up running out the door at the very last minute and he must have just made it to school in time.  I went to meet up with my friend D, my fellow badminton tournament organiser, and we got ourselves organised.  We divided the jobs that need to be done over the next couple of weeks between us.  We enjoyed a lovely scone, while we panicked!

I came home and hung my washing out and then remembered that I needed to get a few things, so ended up heading out again.  I came home and started some chores.  BB came home at lunchtime and is now on his Easter holidays.  He seems to have fitted a lot in at school this morning – including his cello lesson, orchestra, PE and then they watched the Jungle Book as an end of term treat!

BB had football this afternoon, so S and I went for a walk in the wind while the boys played.  It was lovely and bright and not at all cold, but we were well and truly wind-blown when we got back.  BB and I headed home and I fed him and rescued my washing from being tangled round the line before we went to help set up the school jumble sale.

There is lots of stuff piled high.  I hope we get plenty of business tomorrow.

Here’s an old derelict-looking building beside the river.

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