Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

New Pole

No less than 10 yellow hard hats to seat this new electric pole next to Lake Union this morning..    Looks pretty urban, but cheerful with all that color.

Turned into a very nice day,    H and I went to a very interesting and gorgeous “chamber opera” in the Seattle opera studios this afternoon… The Combat, A Muslim Christian Love Story in a time of war. with goose bump causing music and singing by Montiverdi and Couperin.  Very intimate and interactive, and oh my, timeless?  

Last night we watched “To Walk Invisible” a Sally Wainright film made about the Brontes in Haworth, West Yorkshire,.. last summer some local blippers blipped the construction of the parsonage that was built just for the film so it was fun to see.   Just got across the pond to us last week on Masterpiece so I recorded it and will watch it again to try to catch more of the dialogue I missed.      Had to explain a lot of things referred to, to H, who is not such a fan… and I’m not sure I appreciated seeing all the tourists in the gift shop at the end. (that could be me later this year….)  but I liked the portrayal of the family and their home life and the girls’ success with their pseudonyms for a time.  Can just picture them writing very tiny words!

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