Commemorating John Napier

In 2017 Edinburgh Napier University is marking the 400th anniversary of the death of its namesake - mathematician John Napier - with a series of events, the first of which took place today. 4th April is important because this is the date recorded for Napier’s death. I blogged about today's commemoration this morning.

I've also marked the anniversary in my blip for today. This shows one of the diagrams from the journal article that I am currently writing, and the text book that is helping me with the technical side of things. The text book is open at a page where the use of logarithms in social network analysis is described.

Meanwhile Mr hazelh and I have been busy inventing Napier jokes. For example I suggested the following:

Q: How do household pets make complex calculations?
A: With dogarithms and bones.

At the weekend I mentioned that I was proud to be part of John Napier's legacy. Mr hazelh corrected me - didn't I mean 'logacy'?

Then this morning he asked me whether there was any point before Napier...

The good news is that I completed the full draft of my journal article this evening and it's now with my co-authors for comments/improvements.

Exercise today: none (because I wanted to finish my article).

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