We had a lovely afternoon in the garden yesterday, but unfortunately, I overdid it again, so this morning as my knees were quite sore, I decided that I would take my time getting up.  As I was due to meet a friend for lunch at noon, I decided at 11 o’clock that it was time to start getting ready.

Mr. HCB kindly gave me a lift and I had a lovely time catching up with our friend, Julia.  We go back a very long time and have shared many ups and downs in our lives, so we have lots of memories - we laughed about many of them but were sad about some of them too.  We both had “mushy brain syndrome” from time to time, and even now, I can’t remember what I was going to tell her as we walked along after we had finished our meal!  Ah well, it couldn’t have been that important and I hope we will remember tomorrow that we had a lovely lunch together today! 

I caught a bus partway home and intended to ring Mr. HCB to come and collect me but for some reason my phone had “gone large” on me and I couldn’t make any calls or even get in to find out his mobile number.  I tried ringing our home number from the Community Centre, but there was no response so I guessed he was in the garden, but as I couldn’t access my mobile and didn’t know his number, I had to think of Plan B.  

If you are interested, when I eventually got home after a rather trying time at the pharmacy when I went to collect a prescription that wasn’t there - which I won’t go into - I found out that if you double-tap the screen with three fingers, it takes the zoom off.  

Plan B was that I had to walk to catch another bus which would get me nearer to home, which I did, and whilst waiting for the bus saw these lovely dandelions, and I was glad that I had my TZ100 camera with me.  I do wish that dandelions weren’t classed as weeds - but even if they are, they do look rather beautiful - and at least they were on the verge and not in our lawn and I think they qualify for both the Wide Angle Wednesday and Wild Wednesday challenges.

“What I need is the dandelion 
     in the spring. 
The bright yellow that means rebirth 
     instead of destruction. 
The promise that life can go on, 
     no matter how bad our losses. 
That it can be good again.”
Suzanne Collins : Mockingjay

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