Blossom explosion

My day started well with a good weigh in. I've been near my target weight for nearly a year now. While I've been slightly above target for the past month, I've returned to target this week, and as I'm getting more cycling kilometres on the clock I'm also feeling a lot better.

Another pointless day at work. While I say pointless, some progress was made, though not very much and it's far to say I've not done any actually productive work for weeks wasting all my time on the TUPE and administration for it.

After work I walked into town where I took today's blip en route. There is quite a bit of tree blossom at the moment, and when the light is good you can get quite a good result. In town we played Badminton, which I was able to put up a much better game than a while ago as I'm feeling fitter at the moment.

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