Tawny Searching For Port

Backblipping as my broadband has been down.

We took Jazzy to see Justin the vet on this beautiful sunny morning. It is amazing how she has bounced back from major surgery. Justin was very pleased with her, the huge scar on her tummy is as clean as a whistle. Justin and Natalie removed and replaced the dressing on her hock, the site of the excised lick granuloma.

With Jazz on light duties I went hunting on my own. I saw my first speckled wood, holly blue and orange tip butterflies in Butterfly Alley. Bee flies were swarming along the bank and I shot the above female tawny mining bee looking for a site to lay her eggs. She's nothing like the male which I blipped the other day. https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2294604591645327595

I heard a woodpecker drumming but I wasn't pleased to see a tortoiseshell cat climbing and a grey squirrel scampering in the trees near the LTT's nest.

Today's poem is from The Flower by George Herbert. http://www.georgeherbert.org.uk/archives/selected_work_26.html

This is a bit Gody, as my sisters and I used to say but I like the evocation of spring. Also my, "Grief (at the plight of my dog) melts away Like snow in May, As if there were no such cold thing." I think "And now in age I bud again." :)

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