Abstract Thursday .....

... and Experimental Photography 4 (EP).

After reading about the new EP challenge I was excited to try it!  I asked R if he had a pinhole lens and he thought he did.  He looked around for it but couldn't find it right away so he made me another one.  (He did end up finding the other one, which I plan to use in the future as it has a much smaller pinhole.)

On the way to an appointment this morning I drove past this cemetery and thought it would be the perfect location for trying out the pinhole device.  After my appointment I circled back around to the cemetery and took some shots.  Because it was raining at the time I was not able to use the tripod and simply set my camera on the edge of my open car window.  The picture were okay but not great as I was getting the side mirror in all the shots!  As it started raining harder I gave up. 

Later on in the day as we were having supper the rain cleared and it became sunny.  R suggested that we go back to the cemetery so that I could possibly get some better shots.   This is the result of that excursion! It worked much better as I was able to use the tripod this time! And actually get out of car!

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