Back to life!

The sleep cure seems to have helped!
I woke up early on Sunday and felt refreshed and energized! What a difference!!!!
We did a few things, had breakfast and hit the road to get to Blochairn. Amazing to arrive there before they start packing up ..... hahaha!
We continued our weekend shopping tour via Costco and Aldi. 
Once home we carried the purchases up and then went  out again. Papercup was the target and we had a nice cup of coffee (de-caf for me) and a chat.
When we got home it was still early! 
I had marinated some rabbit in the morning and I continued to prepare the dinner. 
Then we spend some more time together and watched a film until dinner was ready.
The rabbit was lovely. I used a french recipe my father used to do when I was small during our holidays in France.
More sofa time after dinner and a reasonably early night.

My blip is one of the sellers at Blochairn Market. He offers fruit and veg and is a really nice person.
He asked me if I had taken any photos yet, when I said no he wondered if I had not found anything photo worthy yet ... well - that was him done then :)
I actually know his name, but cannot remember. Ian, Dave, John??? I will find our next week! 
He is definitely photogenic!  

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