Bye, Bye Snowman!

Dear Diary,

It was so nice to go to the pond and see areas of open water next to the shore.  The snowman I photographed awhile back is nothing but a memory now, his pine branch arms are all that is left.  His beer can nose must have blown away.  What I loved about this shot was the s-curve of the crack in the ice.  I am not sure why it formed like that but it did catch the light in a lovely way.

The pond is slowly loosening and today, with temperatures hitting 80F, there will be a lot more melting.  I was able to sweep out the barn and clear off the porch in front, installing my rocking chair and storing the snow shovels and roof rakes.  It was a so nice sitting there late in the day and feeling the warm sun.  I even opened up the windows to let in fresh air and Emerson enjoyed a little porch time himself.

We will be back to more normal spring time temperatures tomorrow but today it will be a preview of summer!  The melting snow in the yard reveals a lot of clean up for Matt to do in a few weeks.  What a mess of fallen branches and seeds!  No matter, it will be cleaned up and the grass will grow and winter will become a distant memory.

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