Charming Kinglet

Backblip as broadband down again.

Another beautiful day and another fairly early start for me. I found a gorgeous, burgundy-red, freshly emerged ruby tiger moth on the south-facing wall of disused glasshouse number thirteen. As I was photographing it I got a flash of its bright red hairy legs and a shiver of its wings (to warm them) before it took to the air.  No sign of the mallard and her ducklings, I hope they're safe on the island.

The air was full of birdsong, including the "dee diddley" of this goldcrest, our smallest British bird. I've chosen to post this image as it shows the crest well, it looks amusing having a scratch and the background is beautifully green young hawthorn leaves. 

Today's poem is Sometimes it happens by Brian Patten.

Yes, friendships and love come and go with the passing of time. Brian Patten made his name as one of the 'Liverpool Poets' in the 60s.  

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