Swinging on a Gate


I'm getting further and further behind. I want to keep Blipping; want to catch up; want to Blip about the actual day rather than four, five, six days ago. It's like living in a time warp!!
Anyway, this was Thursday!
Mrs L came round with Miss M and Mr T. It's been ages since we've all got together and it was lovely to see them.
Archie was over the moon to see them. He's always pleased to see people and get more fussing!!
After a couple of cups of tea we set of over the fields for a walk. It was lovely! After being a bit shy initially Miss L and Mr T ran off ahead together looking very sweet.
We had the usual fun and games in the woods - climbing trees, trying not to fall in the swamp, pointing out badger setts and fox holes and crawling over a fallen tree to get across the stream. 
Well if I'm honest, the children did that last one while Mrs L and I took the long way round!
We stopped to feed the horses then had a lovely lunch in the pub. We should take out shares!
We stopped to feed the horses again on the way home then headed back across the fields towards home. Swinging on every gate on the way!!
Another lovely walk! 
We had a lazy afternoon before swimming. 
As usual Miss L moaned and whinged and cried that she didn't want to go.
And as usual she loved it. 

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