We had a fabulous morning at Stowe with Mrs A and Mr W.
There was blood before we'd even left the car park - Miss L taking a tumble off her scooter and cutting her hand on the gravel. She bawled all the way to the toilets and screamed the place down as I tried to wash it out. In the end she half-heartedly bravely dabbed at it with a bit of wet toilet roll. Super organised Mrs A had a first aid kit in her car so we eventually got a plaster on it. Lovely Mrs A also dished out some sweeties which finally stopped the tears!
The walk took a bit of a surreal - and ridiculous - turn when we came across a baby squirrel on the path. At first we oohed and ahhed at how sweet it was; how wonderful to see it so close up.
Little did we know what was coming!!!
It made a beeline for my boots and kept trying to jump on. Much squealing and walking backwards. Quickly.
Then the bloody thing climbed onto my boot and attached itself to my calf.
I have to admit to screaming and shaking my leg as hard as I could to get it off.
Mrs A was doubled over laughing and the kids were all squealing!!! I would have seen the funny side but I was too concerned with getting the bloody thing off me before it worked its way up to my hair.
Who knew, I have a phobia of getting a squirrel tangled up in my hair!!!
In the end I managed to shake it off and it turned its attention to Mrs A. My turn to laugh as it chased her into some bushes!!
By this time Miss E was getting upset - worrying about where its Mummy was; that it would be scared; that it was lost and couldn't survive on its own.
Enough's enough I thought! I wrapped it up in my coat, picked it up and said we'd find someone to help.
Disastrous!!! It wriggled its way out of my coat, straight up my arm on onto my shoulder and INTO MY HAIR!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!!
I'm not proud of the fact that I flicked it off onto the floor!
Thankfully a National Trust man came up leading a wildlife tour. Just the man to deal with the squirrel while we carried on with our walk.
Miss E couldn't really let it go asking would it find its Mummy? What if it didn't? Would it be OK?
I said it would be fine, squirrels are very territorial and its Mummy would be close by and would come and find it.
She was clearly very worried about it and preoccupied but luckily we got to the Secret Garden and she managed to put it out of her mind.
For long enough to get stuck up a massive yew tree (see extras). Luckily Mrs A is much taller than me and came to the rescue getting her down.
They spent a happy half hour jumping off logs and throwing rocks into ponds before we headed back up to the cafe.
Bugger me if we didn't come across the squirrel again halfway back up. It was looking even more frantic now - getting onto Miss L's scooter and Mr W's scooter. And having another go at my boots.
Naturally Miss E was completely distraught - you said they were territorial, you said its mummy would find it back down there, you said they didn't stray too far from the tree they live in, how will its mummy find it here?
Oh my God.
I flagged down another National Trust man in a buggy and he had a tub full of peanuts which he used to try and catch it.
I asked would they call the RSPCA and he said that the RSPCA would just euthanise, considering squirrels to be vermin.
Thankfully Miss E was out of earshot and I told her that he was going to catch it and keep it safe until the RSPCA came. She was fine with that, just thankful someone was going to look after it. 
We carried on to the cafe at top speed. I wanted to get away from any possibility of bumping into it again!!!!!

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