Tulip Time in Skagit Valley

Actually they are late this year, but Roosengaarde always plants their gardens so that there are areas of beauty from the earliest blooms to the end of the tulip season. we got the early view today. Today we had sun for the first time in awhile, and it was a weekday, so I decided to go down to Skagit Valley and see the flowers. I called my brother Dave and he wanted to come too. So I drove down and he and I meandered a bit and stopped at Roosengaarde to take some photos and enjoy the beauty around us. Even though it was a Tuesday there were lots of folks there. We enjoyed walking around the beautiful gardens and along the daffodil fields. The tulip fields were just beginning to come into bloom. They will be fully in bloom this coming weekend I expect.

Dave and I the drove along towards Fir Island trying to catch up with a murmuration of birds, we couldn't tell what kind. They were flying fast and we never got close. But just as we were about to give up a huge phalanx of geese flew above from our right up over our car, shifting formations as they went. It was an amazing sight. 

We went on to Fir Island and took a walk along one of the dyke trails. Dexter was with us and since he couldn't come into the tulip gardens we took him along the dyke for a good walk. He was a happy fellow.

At the end of our day we met with Steve and Trish for dinner at El Jinete, a Mexican restaurant in Anacortes. It was 7:30 by the time we finished so I drove back home so I wouldn't have to drive in the deep dark. Helena visited Arvin and I took a day off.

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