Another Steller's Jay Painting

It feels like a very long time since I've painted. I was sick two weeks ago and went to the Bellingham Music Club a week ago. So it felt great to be back in open studio today. There were just four of us painting and everybody made great strides in their work. I had been feeling a bit down, but a day painting with my good friends makes all the difference.

After the session of painting, Helena came to the studio and we went to visit with Arvin. It is sad to see how quickly he is going downhill. He is having real problems with language now and often starts trying to tell us something only to get tangled up in his inability to find the words he needs to express his thoughts. And he is getting much more unstable walking. It is time for me to bring in his walker for those times like today when his balance is really compromised.

Helena and I stayed for dinner. I played a CD of Andres Segovia playing two concertos and a group of solo pieces. We listened to half before and half after dinner. When Helena and I left Arvin was sitting in a chair in the dining room near his bedroom. He was too unstable to walk with us all the way to the front door. Both Helena and I were very sad to see him in such a state.

I drove H home and then headed home myself. I had lots to unload from the car from painting and the kitties to feed. I photographed today's new jay painting for my blip and now I'm posting it and getting ready to watch some TV. I'm looking forward to a quiet evening by myself. I'm pretty tired after standing all day painting and then visiting Arvin in his current state. I am really glad that I brought a boom box for him though. He really enjoyed listening to the classical guitar music played by Segovia. He seemed happy. And both Helena and I noticed he is no longer talking about being lost and upset. As his memories go it seems his mood improves. That is one consolation, the silver lining in the clouds of his worsening condition.

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