Sisters' sock puppet silliness

I have been a fan of the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre for some time - I think since 2008. I take advantage of every opportunity to see the socks perform whenever I can, so when I heard that they would be in Hexham this week I raced to buy some tickets. This evening in the front row of the Queen's Hall were my family (me, Mr hazelh, both of my parents, one of my sisters) with walkingMarj (yes, it was a mini blipmeet) and her friend Julie, with 'the other Marjorie' just behind us.

The show was as hilarious as ever. Indeed, I haven't witnessed my mother laugh so much in years. At the end of the show members of the audience were invited up on stage for a 'sock selfie'. I blip my attempt at this. Admittedly there is more of me here with my sister than there is of the sock puppets, but this just shows the silliness of our time with the socks. (For a shot of us taking this photo, please see walkingMarj's extra for today.)

Over the years of our fandom we have become good friends with the sock puppets and their 'friend' Kev Sutherland - so much so that my parents invited the performers to stay the night at our family home. So the socks and Kev arrived in time for afternoon tea today, then came back to the house for dinner and bed after the show. This meant that I spent much of the early part of the day cooking for our guests: scones, carrot soup, ratatouille, trifle.

Exercise today: none (again).

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