A Day for Art

I took a day off today and joined a group of supporters of our museum on a trip to the Matzke Fine Art gallery on Camano Island. A bunch of us boarded a bus around 8:30 and took off for the island and this amazing gallery. It seems to be in the middle of nowhere. But when you get inside you find a really fine show of art both in the gallery and in the sculpture park all around the building. The work was really fine and we all spent quite awhile exploring and having lunch there. It was a bit cold but worth the small amount of discomfort because everything was so great. 

The sculpture I show in my blip is one I had seen before. It is an edition of nine and one of them was at Big Rock Garden when we first moved here in 1990. Seeing it was like seeing an old friend.

I made friends on the bus with a fellow named Rick who is an artist. We jabbered and laughed and had a great time. He talked of his partner and I told him about Arvin and what was going on with us. Somehow we really connected and did a lot of laughing. I had lunch with my art buddies and Pat brought along some small bottles of wine shaped like wine glasses. It was fun to eat and talk together.

After the gallery we went to a nursery that had all kinds of plants and had a gallery inside. We walked in and were facing a huge collection of very naive and amateurish art. The contrast to the other gallery was almost laughable. But we had a good time anyhow and headed from there to Edison, a town I love to visit.

We toured the Smith & Vallee Gallery where there was the work of two local oil painters. Their work fit well together and was worth seeing. I stopped at the bakery there and bought a huge loaf of bread and a delicious cookie which I devoured. And I ordered a wool hat from the lady who does amazing felting. I liked the style of one but not the color so she is going to make another one for me.

When we got back to Bellingham it was only 4:30 so after I got home I took a lovey walk. I put a couple of photos from the walk in the extras along with a closeup of the sculpture. The crows are a mated pair I am sure. The larger one kept grooming the smaller one.

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