Duma and the Creature

I had a great day yesterday visiting art galleries. Be sure to look at yesterday's blip to see some photos and read about the day.

My brother Dave came up today to play and then stay over night before leaving early tomorrow on a flight to Las Vegas to visit his son, daughter-in-law and grandkids. It will be Bailey's birthday in a few days. Steve came too and he brought along the little lizard toy I had bought him for his birthday two years ago. It needed assembling and he finally got around to doing that two years after the gift. We turned it on and watched the two cats interacting with it. I admit that we spent most of our time laughing out loud as they explored the creature and then jumped up when it moved. Duma finally took the high ground and watched the thing from there.

Steve, Dave and I played two games of Carcassonne and then Steve and I went to visit Arvin. (Dave was feeling peaky and didn't want to share his germs with the folks at Silverado.) When Steve and I got to Silverado we found Raven and her daughter there with him. The three were laughing and having a grand old time.

Arvin's mood is so much better recently. He is no longer complaining about being lost and says things like how he enjoys being a place where people know him. This is a huge improvement and I am happy that he is feeling better. I got a call earlier today from Leah, the family ambassador, letting me know that Arvin will be getting a roommate on Monday. He is in a double room but has not had anybody sharing his room. Now he will have. I do hope that works out well and the two men get along okay.

When Steve and I got home Dave was lying on the couch. His bug was quite a bit worse. So he lay resting while Steve and I played a couple of more games. Dave took his temp and it was 101.5. He may decide not to travel tomorrow after all. He called his wife Nora who is already in Las Vegas, and they agreed that he would see how he feels tomorrow. Unfortunately he has a non-refundable ticket. We watched one episode of Heartland so my brothers could get an idea of what it is like. They know how much I like it.

I had better head off to bed. I'm driving Dave to the airport tomorrow if he decides to go. If not, we will sleep in. We shall see tomorrow.

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