Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

That wrist

OK I’m just going to do a wrist blip and get it over with.   In the bathroom mirror with the new iPhone which is not that easy with one hand, have to take the photo with the volume control.  This “splint” (that’s what they call it! ) is a lot more professional looking  (and beefy) than the one put on by the resident Kumar Gandhi, nice as he was.  Fingers much less puffy today (really)   Feel free to leave now and come back tomorrow  when I expect H helping cook a blue apron meal might be something more fun —and certainly historic—to blip!

 I don’t have a good history with bones.   Broke the right one when I was 18, and a counselor at a farm camp for inner city kids from Chicago—teaching them how to ride a horse—(not being a horse person myself, I fell off.)  It was set by a local gp and has never looked perfect again.  But it woirks.  The 9 year olds had a good time combing my hair and tying my shoes.   and I got so I could do those corn rows for them.... 20 years ago, on a remote island in the gulf Islands, I slipped on dry grass , while taking a photo!, and broke the left wrist.  It was just casted and has looked a bit crooked ever since.   My ankle has a tendency to twist  (never broken tho) easily so I think that’s what happened last thursday in Chicago, causing a face plant, skinned knees and a crushed left wrist.   At our Ortho appointment this am, I became convinced that it really won’t heal properly without a plate and screws.  And I am interested in rowing my boat again!    So that surgery will happen thursday.  The system is working pretty efficiently. H is very nervous but I think we don't have much of a choice.

There was a request for wrist X-rays …so I’m putting them in the extras.  the single is from last thursday in Chicago, the 3 part is from today, having been lined up a bit better by hanging by 2 fingers with weights on the arm for 30 min. last thurs.   It’s be hard to explain but both bones are broken.  the bigger radius gets 80% of the work and will get the stabilization.   the next extra is the hand in  between “splints”.  (the thing is it didn’t start out looking great either)  and then I could not resist this lovely cobweb that came out in a sunbeam on my living room ceiling.   H says DON'T blip will show what bad housekeepers we are!   but once the sun left it, it’s invisible —the ceiling is 12 feet…It’ll be gone tomorrow.!  :-)    OK nothing medical tomorrow.   Promise.  The ankle is much much better as I knew it would be and the arm doesn'’t hurt much at all all wrapped like this.

whew.  will be short tomorrow...

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