Easter Sunday got off to an early start when Miss L came in at 7am and asked did I want to play the drawing game. Nanny sent her some art magazines for her birthday and one of them has a brilliant game where you roll a dice to determine the weather, the background, the foreground and other things in your picture. See extras for our fabulous works of art. Miss L was so funny rolling the dice over and over so she could add more to her picture!
When we got up Miss L decided that she did in fact want to watch Fantastic Beasts having been vehemently against it last night! With tea, warmed up chocolate brioche, toasted fruit loaf, porridge and coffee we all squashed onto the sofa - including Archie and giant teddy! - and thoroughly enjoyed watching it together. 
Miss E was so sweet knowing that Miss L was a bit worried about being scared. She hugged her and told her it was all going to be OK whenever it got a bit scary. And she even warned her about upcoming scary bits!! She can be so lovely!!
When the film ended I went and expertly hid fifteen Easter eggs in the garden. And one big golden egg.
Mr K and the Little Misses pulled eggs out of a hat to decide what colour they were hunting for then off they went. (See extras)
Miss E found her five eggs first and was very pleased with herself.
But not as pleased as Miss L was to find the golden egg. (which I hadn't honestly thought anyone would find expertly hidden as it was in a pile of stacked pots) She bounced up and down squealing for a good ten minutes!!!
Which Miss E found a little challenging despite trying to be pleased for her sister!!!
They sweetly decided to hide five eggs for me so I didn't miss out on the fun. They're so funny trying not to give me clues and but completely unable to stop giggling and shrieking "warmer!!!!!!" if I got within ten feet of an egg!!!
We went over to Nana and Papa's for dinner which was lovely. The Little Misses were a bit over excited and irritating but after running around like loons and eating their dinner they disappeared upstairs to watch Scooby Doo. I was torn between wanting them to be more sociable and being relieved they weren't around to be irritating and meant that my mum, dad, brother, Mr K and I could have a couple of hours chatting and reminiscing. Very nice!!

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