Riverside Building

I would have loved to have stayed in bed this morning, however I had to get BB to school.  I intended going for a run, but as I battled against the wind on my way back from school, I became less sure about running.  I got distracted with some chores, and didn’t make it out for a  run.  I did go out to do some shopping, though as I had nothing in for lunch,, and combined that with a river walk.  The morning passed too quickly and before I knew it a very tired BB appeared home.

He wasn’t keen to go to football this afternoon, but I made him go and he was glad as he enjoyed it.  After tea I had to pop round to a friend’s to get prepared for tomorrow’s badminton competition  and as TT wasn’t home I had to take BB with me.  He wasn’t keen and moaned, but then had a great evening playing with D’s son.

We think we are organised for tomorrow's tournament, but we are feeling on shaky ground with Sunday’s tournament which is much bigger.

Not many blips today, this derelict looking building is by the river.

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