Sprouted ...

I was slightly disappointed with not having sprouts with my Christmas and Boxing Day dinner.

I thought I had brought some, but I must have forgotten to buy any at all, I have sprouts through the year now and again but they really remind me of Christmas and I love having them with my Christmas dinner. But this year I had to go with out as I thought I had forgot to buy any.

Then yesterday I had to go to the freezer to find something, I was looking around as there is still quite a few bits left in the freezer from Christmas, guess what I came across ...

A BAG OF FROZEN SPROUTS (hiding from me).

So I had some for dinner today with pheasant, roast potatoes, mixed veg, yorkshire pudding and gravy, the meal was so yummy, isnt it strange when you find yourself talking to a sprout (not that many people are as mad as me out there to ask a sprout why it had been hiding from them, haha).

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend, enjoy.

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