City Art Centre

The journey to work was not good this morning.  Blame Scotrail, blame TT, blame my indecision.  We made the wrong decisions, and eventually got into work much later than we should have done.  I hate getting in late, as I always spend the rest of the day catching up, and never quite managing.  Needless to say I left tonight without making much of an impression on my to do list.  One of my old team retired today.  She wanted no fuss, but we did surprise her with a few gifts.

BB had football training tonight.  While the boys were training, S and I went for a walk, though it wasn’t a very inspiring walk.  At least it wasn’t as cold and windy as it has been.  Once home, BB had to finished his reading homework.  It was too late for cello.

I took this on my way to get the train home tonight.  The Edinburgh Alphabet banners caught my eye.  But once I looked closely there is lots of interest in this blip - I particularly like the ghost signs and the attic windows.


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