Brown Argus Butterfly

It was a beautiful morning with a cloudless sky and lots of insects about. Rik and TheAphid went out for a quick walk before TheAphid's friend came round for gaming and the cinema. When they came home they told me they'd seen a green hairstreak butterfly down the track and the ducklings were on the pond. Well I just had to get down quickly before I missed all the action.

I saw the ducklings and the green hairstreak and I also saw this female common blue Brown Argus butterfly. It looks in such good condition that it must be newly hatched. It was lovely watching it amongst the grass and buttercups and made me feel so excited about warmer sunny days filled with insect life. Thanks AmandaT2013 for helping with the identification.

Book choice for Blogging from A-Z Challenge is You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming.

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