Squirrel Blip Friday .....

... and a Red-bellied Woodpecker!

I started the day by going to Jacobsburg State Park as I have been wanting to get up there all week but time has not permitted that!

On my way up there I stopped at Green Pond to see if the turtles had surfaced.  And to my delight they had!  Well, at least one! I also stopped back here on my way home and that's when I saw that the Green Heron had returned as well. 

Back to Jacobsburg ...

When I first arrived at the park I could hear some very excited children that were there on a school field trip.  They were near the bird blind so I headed for the frog pond first.  But as I passed the bird blind I could see that one of the park employees was holding this beautiful Red-bellied Woodpecker!  As any good blipper would do I stopped to take some pictures!  The first woman passed the woodpecker over to this young lady who held it differently ... much better for pictures! Note: They had netted the woodpecker so that the children could see him up close and personal!

I finally made my way to the frog pond .... sadly there are only a few frogs currently in the pond.  If you recall I have mentioned that when I was here on March 8 the pond was full of frogs.  Unfortunately a week later we got an freak snow storm that dumped 15+ inches of snow on our area.  I spoke to Environmental Education Specialist Rick Wiltraut and he said that a lot of the frogs were lost as result of the snow storm .... very sad news. 

Today has been a day of Springtime firsts! Not only did I see the first turtles and the green heron at Green Pond, I also saw our first Catbird in our yard!  And also an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly! Now all we need is the return of the Hummingbirds!

Later in the evening we headed over to DeSales University as we had tickets for the final theater production of the season .... Young Frankenstein.  And what a fabulous way to end their season!  The show was spectacular! 

Much to my displeasure I have once again gotten behind in my journal.  If you have the time and the inclination ... please have a look at my backblips ... starting with some Tiny Tuesday ants.  Thank you!

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