"You Silly Moo!" (for Silly Saturday)

Those of us of "a certain age" will remember this derogatory put-down uttered frequently by Alf Garnett to his wife Else (played by Warren Mitchell and Dandy Nichols) in the BBC sitcom "Till Death us Do Part" from 1965-75 (and subsequently in two films). According to Wikipedia, in addition to the spin-off "In Sickness and in Health", it was also remade in many countries including Brazil, Germany ("Ein Hertz und Eine Seele"), the Netherlands ("In Voor- En Tegenspoed"), and is known to the United States as the show that inspired "All in the Family".

Anyway I thought this Silly Moo ornament given to me some years ago by my brother would be a good blip for Silly Saturday. It's actually a bell, being hollow with a clanger hanging in the middle. Viewed from the rear the clanger looks a bit like the cow's mammary apparatus, but I thought it was ungentlemanly to photograph a lady from that angle...  ;-))

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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