Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Flying home

More words later.  For now, enjoy this wood stork!

Checked out of the hotel after an early breakfast and headed to the rookery for one final hour of photography.  Only 150 images taken in that hour, including this one of a wood stork flying in with some "home improvement" items in the form of nesting materials.  The wood storks continue to fortify their nests while they are raising the youngsters, constantly adding branches and greenery.  This isn't my crispest shot, but I like it and it will serve as a good "moment" for today.

After reluctantly leaving the rookery, I headed north to Jacksonville, returned my rental car, and boarded my flight for Newark.  Hubs was waiting for me with a big hug.  Very happy to see him.  Both cats were waiting for me with joyful enthusiasm typical feline disdain.  But, I know they are secretly overjoyed to see me.

And the first bird I saw when I looked out in the yard?  A gorgeous female Baltimore Oriole dining on some orange halves.  (Big thanks to Hubs for keeping all the birds fed in my absence.)

Thank you so very much for joining me in my jaunt to Florida, and for the many stars and hearts.  I'll try to get caught up this week; although I'm leaving again Friday morning, so no promises...


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