The Joy of Scaring

Once I said to a scarecrow, “You must be tired of standing in this
lonely field.”
And he said, “The joy of scaring is a deep and lasting one, and I
never tire of it.”
Said I, after a minute of thought, “It is true; for I too have
known that joy.”
Said he, “Only those who are stuffed with straw can know it.”
Then I left him, not knowing whether he had complimented or belittled
A year passed, during which the scarecrow turned philosopher.
And when I passed by him again I saw two crows building a nest
under his hat.
by Kahil Gibran

There is something very uncanny and a bit unsettling about these incredibly realistic and lifelike scarecrows! I had to stop to have an investigate. They seem to be doing their job well for the field is looking immaculate and not a crow for miles.

What a day - I think it may have risen to the dizzy heights of 18C, wall to wall sunshine and I ate strawberries in my shorts down by the pond!! I skpyed with Himself who, as you may know, is walking around Yorkshire and the temperature was 9C with a windchill of 4C! I tried not to gloat ... too much.

A great selection for DS80 - all entries can be seen here. Thanks to everyone who took part, especially those who found a window.
Hearts will be winging their way to:
Koko- an old shed with hints of pink and cow parsley
Rockarea - down amongst the buttercups
Tiebreaker - multiple exposures and a vintage feel
Marlieske - gingham and red bricks
Kate64 - eyeless windows in the flat Fens

Honourable mentions to:
Murielspark - interesting triangular windows
Apothecary7 - lots of lovely painted iron
daves - sheer sadness
Soletrader - nets intact
secondseason - a bit of a secret garden feel

We are now in the week for DS81 and the theme is RUST!

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