Tree Swallow

I had this all written and ready to Blip last night and my internet would not load my photo past I will start over. Probably most of that dribble I wrote last night was tiredness speaking.   :-)) But I will repeat part of it.

Usually the swallows are flying through and seldom land where I can take a photo; but I had noticed many of them sitting and waiting for........???....a mate? I was grateful to get this nice shot nearby.

Then I found out what my Fitbit does when it is happy with my number of aerobic steps/total steps: fireworks on the display panel!!! I was very happy with my commitment to move more quickly on my beach walk. Of course, I sacrificed carrying my camera and getting photos of the shore birds, gulls, osprey & bald eagle swooping in that causing havoc. Also, saw two unusually things: a pair of Mallard Ducks landed in the shallow ocean water and stuck their heads under the water......also, the crows were out in the surf finding something to eat.....heads in the water. I didn't know they could tolerate the salt water!  Anyway, it was another beautiful day at the beach. 

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